About Me

Yoga: I fell in love with yoga in high school. I’ve been practicing on and off since 1998. I completed a year-long yoga teacher training in Istanbul, Turkey in 2007 and worked as a teacher both in Istanbul and Rochester from 2006-2010. I currently practice several times a week and incorporate mindfulness and other techniques in my mental health practice as needed.

Childbirth education: I studied childbirth education in 2007 and worked as a pregnancy educator for 3 years from 2012-2015. My knowledge of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting strengthens my understanding of related issues and my overall mental health practice.

Social work: I worked primarily with pregnant and parenting moms from 2012-2015 and earned a master’s degree in social work in 2015 from the Greater Rochester Collaborative between Nazareth and Brockport Colleges. My thesis was on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and I hosted panels on IPV throughout graduate school.

Mental health therapy: I currently work in private practice as well as part-time at an adult mental health clinic since 2016. I work with individuals from varying backgrounds and ages ranging from adolescents to adults of all ages. I also completed an internship at a mental health clinic in 2015. Thanks to my experience at mental health clinics, I feel confident addressing any issue that may present in therapy.

Special areas of interest include: women’s issues, mindfulness, healthy assertive communication, healing from trauma, improving relationships, coping with chronic illness/pain, and working with the LBGTQ+ community.